Receive a custom website, that is as unique as you are, for free.

We offer website administration and assistance to start-up's and small businesses. Whether you already have a website that is failing, in need of an upgrade, or don't have one at all, we can build and maintain a new one for you with very little out of your pocket. We will design you a completely unique layout with no money down. Once you are completely happy with the design, we'll get you signed up for service, and begin setting up the servers and building your website.

What you pay for is the service for us to maintain your website. This includes changes, tweaks, edits, and server fees. After one year, if you are not completely happy with our services, you simply take over. You don't lose your servers, or your name, or your website; it's yours. There are no hidden fee's or gimmicks. Just a monthly service plan.

Our competitors start a unique custom built website package starting in the $1500 and up price range. They also charge for a maintenance plan which can be, on average, an additional $100 a month. SnapSite offers our website maintenance plans that INCLUDE a custom built website and only average $89 p/mo. This is money saved right off the top here at SnapSite.

Contact us for pricing an individual website without a monthly maintenance plan.

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