Don't be blind sided. Know what to expect and do it right the first time.

Become smarter

At SnapSite, our goal is to give you the best start possible for your startup or small business. We know websites and we know how crucial it is for every business owner to get their name out there. If you can't be found online, you may be invisible to a lot of potential business. We also understand that money can be tight. We are here to help.

There is a lot of work to overcome before you even think about starting to build a functional place online. Don't worry, that's what we try to help. Here are a couple terms to get familiar with:

Domain: This is your .COM name. is your domain. You can rent these online from several places and while the checkout process isn't hard, knowing what to do with them afterwards is tricky. We say "rent" because you don't actually buy them. They are purchased in yearly increments. If you don't renew your domain when it expires, it can purchased by someone else.

Sub-Domain: This is a child of your .COM domain. An example would be Our package comes with unlimited sub-domains. Sub-Domains can be pointed anywhere, even pages on different websites. For another example we could setup which will be a direct link to a Facebook page for your business. You can also use these to make things easier to find within your website itself.

Host: This is your server. It is called a host because it is hosted in the Cloud (aka La-La Land). It is a virtual space whose sole purpose is to hand out your website files for the public to view.

How this works

The first big step is finding and securing your Domain name. These are unique and can not duplicated. Finding one can be a tired but fun process. On the Service page you can check some names to see if they are available. Don't be discouraged if your first pick isn't available. We'll also link to some online tools that help you find a name that best suits you. Have fun with it and get creative. It also might be a good idea to think about buying several. You can always let your least favorites expire. Our packages come with 2 domain names which you can activate now and/or add to at any time.

The Domain and the Host both need to be setup and married to work together. While not cumbersome to people like us nerds, the process is loaded with terms and processes that are daunting to the average joe.

So, you may ask, "How does this all work and how do we get started?"

One of our Admins can personally meet with you and discuss what you want to have on a website. We'll go over different designs, colors, styles, and technologies that fit your business. Then we'll design it based on our conversation and tweak it to your liking. Once you are happy with the product, we'll start to set up the ground work to begin the process of building your actual website.

All of this and you haven't paid a dime yet.

Know the difference

Don't be fooled by other alternatives. We know your business is unique and your website should say that.

There are two types of website development; a real actual custom website and one using a limited generic template. Other services offered within the same price range pick a template from a pool with similar graphics and colors. What people find out later is that their website looks like thousands of others who were fooled into thinking they were getting a good deal. After everything is said and done, they are left with a limited website that can't do what they wanted.

One thing we go through often is someone buying services from someone else, left paying a monthly fee and aren't happy. If you stop paying, the whole website and domain is owned by them so everything is gone. You don't own a thing.

The sad news is that the only solution is to start all over. Template-based sites aren't upgradable, movable, or easily changed. Your website should be able to grow with your business so you can find what works for you and your customers. With a website built from scratch, anything is possible. Maybe you could benefit from Live Chat Support, User Profiles, Blog Support, Feedback forms, etc. Those aren't something you can do with a template-based site.

When Snapsite offers a real custom website for the price of a generic template-built one, why choose the latter?

What you pay for

Choosing us over the other guys seems like a no-brainer but we want to show you the difference in service between us and the leading competition.

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